2014 Marsh Creek Eco-Challenge Team Portal

The map below reveals two critical locations to this year's Marsh Creek Eco-Challenge. While the route is still a closely-guarded secret, we can reveal that the Eco-Challenge this year can be completed in just 24 km of trekking, biking and paddling, but route choices during the race have the potential to extend that distance considerably.

Stages of the event must be completed by all team members and competitors will not be allowed to proceed without completing each required checkpoint, of which there are nine (9) throughout.

Click on the map points to read details about both locations.

There will be a staggered start for all teams to ensure proper boat separation during the paddling stage(s). Final standings will be determined based on the amount of time it takes to complete the course, not who crosses the finish line first. This ensures that all teams will have equal opportunity to win.

The start times are as follows:

7:45 am


Hurt Locker

Old Bulls

Young Bulls

8:00 am

TransCanada One

The Three Amigos

Fog Hounds

Smells Like Team Spirit

[Possible Late Entry]

8:15 am

TransCanada Two

Puppy Pack

Crude Mudders

The 45'ers

The Brazucas

Other information you might like to know:

  • There are four (4) Stages to the race this year: Two on Foot, One on Bicycle and One by Canoe. The distances of each will not be disclosed until June 21st.
  • Canoes, paddles and PFDs will be provided for all participants. Bicycles however, and all required safety equipment, are the responsibility of participants to provide.
  • As shown on the map above, bikes will not be required by participants at the start line, but rather at a separate location to the southwest as indicated.  
  • Maps will only be issued for progression to the next stage of the race upon successful completion of the previous stage, including retrieval of all required checkpoints. No compasses, maps other than those provided or GPS units are required to follow the route or to find any of the required checkpoints.
  • Teams must remain as a group at all times. No team will be allowed to proceed from a manned checkpoint unless they have all the members of their team present and accounted for.
  • Please use caution and best judgement while following all routes. There are portions of each Stage that will require navigation of rocky outcrops, water bodies, tree limbs, steep embankments and vehicular traffic, and as such can result in injury. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Four man teams will be divided into two canoes during the paddling stage, three man teams will have a single canoe. Note: all canoes will be limited to two paddles no matter the team size.  

  • Food and drink during the event are the responsibility of each individual, however water bottles and energy snacks will also be provided at specified points along the route. Bathroom facilities are available at the Start and Finish, as well as between Stage 1 and Stage 2.
  • For those wishing to have family or friends at the Finish Line, or to arrange transportation, we can reveal that this year's race will end at the same location indicated as the 'Start Point' on the map above. 
  • All participants must be off the course by 12:45 pm, with no exceptions. 
  • Awards will be handed out at 1:00 pm. Members of the top three teams will each receive prizes for their efforts, while all participants will receive custom athletic 'quick-dry' t-shirts, embroidered Marsh Creek Eco-Challenge badges and additional merchandise courtesy of Emera New Brunswick such as watertight First Aid kits.