Without Borders Public Opinion Survey

Without Borders is a regional greenway and protected areas initiative for Greater Saint John with the aim to share information and resources with local governments in working towards improving environmental protection, implementing a regional greenway, and increasing the quality of life and well-being of residents. The natural environment does not recognize the governance boundaries by which we organize land use and, therefore, developments that occur within one jurisdiction inevitably have an effect on neighbouring jurisdictions. A regional approach to environmental planning takes into account the effect of local land use decisions on the environment, society, and economy on the region as a whole.

A public opinion survey was conducted in 2016 to gauge public support for a regional greenway and protected area and to understand the opinions and desires of residents for this type of project. The survey was completed by 760 respondents from the Greater Saint John area with overall positive and enthusiastic feedback. Residents commented on their opinions of the environment of Greater Saint John and about their preferences for a greenway including desired modes of transportation, activities, features, facilities, locations and destinations. The full results of the survey are available below.