David Parsons

PJ Shea

David Morgan

Pierre Arsenault

188 minutes



Young Bulls

Dan Marr

Robbie Stewart

Josh Turnbull

190 minutes



Hurt Locker

Timothy McCluskey

Stephanie Kilfoil

Sarah O'Rourke

Glen Howatt

195 minutes


4 - Fog Hounds, Captain Shaun Wilson (210 minutes)

5 - Puppy Pack, Captain Lindsay Wilcott (220 minutes)

6 - TransCanada One, Captain C.J. Barter (252 minutes)

7 - Crude Mudders, Captain Jennifer Gillis (270 minutes)

8 - Three Amigos, Captain Nathan Gregg (227 minutes; CP1 not completed)

9Old Bulls, Captain Frederic Bouchard (269 minutes; CP1 not completed)

10 - Smells Like Team Spirit, Captain Charlene Mladineo (311 minutes; missed cutoff)

11 - The 45'ers, Captain Jessica Doucet (DNF)

12 - TransCanada Two, Captain Christina Barter (DNF)

Congratulations to our winners and everyone who participated this year's event!