Community Engagement

On the evening of May 16, 2017, ACAP Saint John will be hosting a community cleanup and dialogue event at Seaside Park, where attendees will be encouraged to share their memories of Seaside Park and offer input on their vision for the Park going forward. This 'Sweep & Speak' event will help to inform future actions, including the planting of additional trees and shrubs through community events in the Fall of 2017, as well as locations and content for educational signage.

During the event, we invite you to share your ideas for raising awareness about the Seaside Park and protecting it into the future, as well as sharing stories or memories which will be recorded to share across the community. We will use your feedback to develop restoration plans for the park that respect our city's ecology while also reflecting our community’s shared aspirations for this beautiful community asset. The event will take place from 3:30 PM through 7:00 PM and while registration is not required, it is highly recommended and can be done by clicking the box below.

About Seaside Park

Seaside Park is a City of Saint John-owned and operated recreational park on the shores of the world-famous Bay of Fundy. The park is defined by stunning topography, wide ocean vistas and easy pedestrian access. Despite these highlights, the area has seen little ecosystem management or upkeep in recent decades, allowing its ecological and community value to often be overlooked. With renewed attention being paid to the park in recent months, including work on the new Seaside Park Elementary School - scheduled to open in the Fall of 2017 - the time is right to renew our community investment in this tremendous asset.

Beginning in 2017, ACAP Saint John plans to use Canada 150 funds secured through TreeCanada and CN to undertake some minor enhancements in the park. This work is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2017, and will include community consultation prior to the planting of addition vegetation and the possible installation of educational interpretive signage. The signage will of be of benefit to the community and will allow for collaborative programs to take place with students from the new Seaside Park Elementary School. The overall  goal of ACAP Saint John’s involvement is to develop an ecological management plan for the area to foster a renewed sense of ecological and cultural value through a series of community-driven planting, cleanup, celebratory and educational events.

ACAP will work in collaboration with neighbourhood residents, local experts and Indigenous partners to steer this community-based revitalization initiative towards restoring the native ecological health of the area, while instilling a sense of community pride and continued stewardship for the site. The driving force behind the revival of this area has been the incredible outpouring of neighbourhood support and storytelling on the value of this location.

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