Graeme Stewart-Robertson - Executive Director

As Executive Director of ACAP Saint John, Graeme leads one of Atlantic Canada’s most innovative non-profits, seeking to bridge the gap between ecology and social science to create equitable, inclusive environments in Canada’s oldest city. Serving on numerous boards and initiatives across the Maritimes, Graeme brings his unique insight and passion to issues ranging from ecosystem restoration and poverty reduction to transportation planning and climate change adaptation. With over twelve years of experience in designing, implementing and managing community-based environmental projects, he is now recognized as a local authority on New Brunswick watersheds, and has authored published reports on ecological restoration, geography and urban environmental sustainability.

With a background covering everything from historical research to competing in multi-day adventure endurance races, Graeme brings a diversity of insight and thought to his work as the head of ACAP Saint John.

Our Team



Roxanne MacKinnon - Urban Ecology Coordinator

Roxanne received a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biology, from the University of New Brunswick in 2011; as well as, a diploma in Environmental Technology from the New Brunswick Community College [NBCC] in 2013. She was born and raised in Fredericton but has lived in numerous cities across New Brunswick since graduating in 2011. While at NBCC, she discovered a keen interest in water related issues and hasn’t looked back. Since finishing at NBCC, she has worked on various projects throughout Southern New Brunswick focusing on watershed issues and their implication on water quality and aquatic habitat.

Shauna Sands - Wildlife Conservation Coordinator

Shauna, who was born and raised in Saint John, has always been passionate about marine species and their environment. She holds a B.Sc from the University of New Brunswick Saint John (majoring in Marine Biology) and also a diploma in Wildlife Conservation Technology from Holland College. Her interests include topics related to wildlife management and conservation, marine mammals (particularly cetaceans) and educational outreach.

Bailey Brogan - Climate Change Ecology Coordinator

Bailey joined ACAP in 2018 as part of the Climate Change Adaptation Team.  Bailey earned a Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources from the University of New Brunswick in 2013. Since then, Bailey has worked for various watershed organizations, municipalities and environmental consulting firms. Bailey has experience in environmental site assessments, environmental management plans, soil, water and air quality testing, and developing community action plans. Bailey will be working on developing a climate change feasibility study and a climate change adaptation plan for the City of Saint John.

Pete Johnston - Planning Technician

Born and raised in Saint John’s west side, Pete, along with Bailey, has come on board to be part of the climate change adaptation work. Prior to working with ACAP, Pete worked in the aquaculture industry but also has experience in parks planning where he worked with a team on the Vancouver Island community of View Royal’s parks master plan. Pete is working on trail building and the restoration of Tucker Park alongside the City of Saint John and the Tucker Park Recreation Association as well as the feasibility study for the adaptation plan for the city.

Bethany Reinhart - Environmental Baseline Program Coordinator

Bethany, a member of the ACAP team since 2018, will be working on some of our exciting Saint John Harbour projects. Bethany's holds an M.Sc. in Biology and a B.Sc. in Environmental Biology from the University of New Brunswick. Her scientific interests involve studying human impacts on aquatic systems, specifically measuring contaminants in edible fish or in areas that are significant to humans. Her Master's thesis was focused on mercury concentrations in aquatic biota in the Saint John River. Bethany loves doing remote field work, travelling, and incorporating art into the projects she works on. 

Ryan Power – Biologist

Ryan, a member of the ACAP team since September 2018. Ryan holds a research-based M.Sc. from the University of New Brunswick. He has worked and collaborated on field programs studying aquatic food webs and environmental effects on fish and fish habitat across Canada and abroad. Focusing locally, with the Saint John Harbour (SJH) Environmental Monitoring Partnership node (which includes government, industry and non-governmental stakeholders), on a multi-year project, Ryan contributed to developing a long-term environmental monitoring program for the SJH. Raised in Saint John, he is thrilled to be working on ecological projects for the betterment of overall ecosystem health of the region.

Seasonal Staff

ACAP Saint John employs a number of seasonal and project staff throughout the year, ranging from graduate students to high school interns. If you are interested in joining our project staff, please contact us with your resume, we would love to hear from you!