Welcome to the team!


The newest addition to the ACAP Saint John team is the Sustainer Container! This container is a standard shipping container that has been transformed into a living building that grows a variety of plants and vegetables on its walls and roof. Created by Jean and Jack Hudson of Rexton, New Brunswick, this container won first place in the Cargo-Texture Design Competition in Saint John in 2017. The container was kindly donated to ACAP Saint John to provide healthy food to the community.


The Sustainer Container can be found across the street from the Social Enterprise Building in Chown Field, located in the Waterloo Village Neighbourhood. This multi-use green space is a high foot traffic area due to its location between the local elementary school and the Boys and Girls Club and is regularly used by many community members to walk their kids to school, bring their dogs to the Bark Park and to enjoy the green space.

The walls of the container have been planted with various vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions, beans, lettuce and herbs. The roof has been seeded with fescue and wildflower mix for added greenery.


All vegetables grown in the container are free for community members. 

Urban garden workshops will be held outside of the Sustainer Container throughout spring and summer. It will be used as an educational tool to teach the community about the benefits of gardening and food security. The Container will also be used to hold other workshops throughout the year, including kid gardening sessions and climate change place making events. 

If you'd like to learn more about how you start gardening at home, stop by the Sustainer Container this summer.