What is it?

ACAP Saint John's Water Ranger programme is a new initiative designed to engaged the youth of Greater Saint John in the management and appreciation of our region's beautiful aquatic resources. Through the distribution of citizen science kits to local schools, we give an entirely new generation the opportunity to have a direct impact on monitoring the health of their local lakes, wetlands, creeks, streams, rivers or watersheds, while encouraging outdoor activity and environmental stewardship. 

Students will learn about water quality testing, how to visually assess ecological attributes of streams and riparian areas, measure stream velocity and flow, what makes a healthy watercourse, all while offering a variety of tools for identifying the amazing freshwater fish, birds and amphibians which are native to New Brunswick. The results of all youth research will contribute directly to ACAP's community environmental assessment database, giving participants a direct impact on environmental projects in their community!   

How Can I Get Involved?

The Water Ranger programme is open to participants engaged through their high school-level science classes or school environment clubs/associations. Any interested teachers or supervisors can contact ACAP Saint John via our email address at office@acapsj.org and ask to receive a Water Ranger kit and a presentation from ACAP staff on their use and distribution.

Already Got Your Kit?

If you are already a part of our Water Ranger team, click the link below to visit our Water Ranger App to submit your results and observations.

Need Help?

ACAP Saint John has produced this Test Kit Procedure video to help you better understand how to use your Water Ranger kit, how to be safe in the field, and accurately record your findings. We recommend all participants watch through this instructional video before they begin testing.

ACAP Saint John has proudly partnered with Water Rangers to bring this community program directly to your browser and your smartphone.