Bridging the Gap

Collaboration In the Public Sector 

“ACAP Saint John has become known for partnering and working with the community to help provide solutions to existing and pending environmental problems.” 


Collaboration is important.  It’s really important.  Putting aside the intricacies that distinguish private sector versus public sector, every successful non-profit organisation must be philosophically intent on open-mindedness, outreach, and community collaboration. 

Although the private sector may be immune to certain strains of conflict present in the public sector, not-for-profits simply cannot exempt themselves from the democratic process.   Non-profits working in human rights, addiction services, healthcare, and the preservation of local ecosystems may be different on the surface, but they all share one essential component; the community and the individuals they serve. 

I think it is inherent in all of us to want to help.  ‘Help’ being used as blanket coverage for that most human feeling of wanting to contribute in some way.  Nobody wants the seas to rise and swallow island nations whole.  Nobody wants their local beaches to be covered in poorly-disposed-of human trash.  Nobody wants a community to be without green space to play, laugh, run and grow.  We all have stock in the natural world and it is us who will lose our investment should grassroots environmental work not continue. 

But where to start?  To the individual who wants to help stabilize the environment and who wants to benefit from a sustainably green community, the task seems immense.  Almost overwhelmingly impossible.  What a shame it would be if the hundreds, indeed thousands, who want to see New Brunswick’s environment flourish remained silent because they did not know how to best tackle the BIG issues. 

Having a third party organisation bridging the gap between the community and environmental change is key.  With our partnerships, outreach, community inclusion and passion for the natural environment of Saint John, ACAP has become an intense resource for change.