The Tin Can Beach area has undergone a huge transition over the last couple of years. Community support and interest in preserving this natural area of coastline has helped to revive Tin Can Beach and Sydney Street through a number of volunteer efforts and community driven design interventions. 


Planting Street Trees

In 2014, a group of community volunteers helped to clean up the Tin Can Beach area and plant trees along Sydney Street. Thirty large, native street trees were planted including Sugar Maple, Linden, and Black Ash. 

Credit for the above photos goes to Gillian Barfoot.



During the summer of 2015 ACAP Saint John reached out to the Saint John community for ideas. Three signs were placed around the City to encourage people to write down their thoughts, concerns, ideas, and hopes for Tin Can Beach. The signs filled up with over 230 constructive comments from community members. These comments have already informed design decisions for the area and will continue to guide revitalization efforts. 


Habitat Restoration

Over 450 coniferous trees were planted between Sydney Street and the fence in 2014. These trees will grow to create a wind break for the street. They will also shade out invasive species that have taken over the area. The restoration area is marked by temporary ACAP Saint John signs. 

In 2015 a Japanese Knotweed plant was removed from the side of Sydney Street and replaced with blueberry plants. Japanese Knotweed is an aggressive plant that competes with native vegetation and can take over large areas if unmanaged. The blueberries are a great replacement. They are native to New Brunswick and are edible by people, birds, and other wildlife. Dogwood, juniper, lupins, and fall rye have also been used by ACAP Saint John to increase species diversity along the right-of-way.


New Signs

New Tin Can Beach signs have been installed on Sydney Street and on Broad Street. The signs capture the industrial feel of the area with materials of rough cut cedar and brushed aluminum. 


CUPE Local 18 Outdoor Workers & the City of Saint John

A big THANK YOU to the CUPE Local 18 Outdoor Workers and the City of Saint John for taking an interest in revitalizing Tin Can Beach. The city workers fulfilled many of the requests from our signs including new pavement, garbage cans, benches, and picnic tables. The garbage cans and seating were all restored from broken materials in the City’s warehouses. They were fixed up, repainted, and brought to Sydney Street by members of the Union.